An excellent example of a product page from LuxyHair.

Are you an e-commerce store that feels a little stagnant when it comes to online conversions?

Every business goes through an ebb and flow throughout the year. But, if your sales continue to drop it may be time to examine your product pages.

The HOTH PPC and HOTH Web Copy departments teamed up and produced this blog to list the defining elements of a high-converting product page. It’s all about striking a fine balance between your paid ads, page layout, and web copy.

Ready to get started? Keep reading below and learn how to get your sales flowing again.

What Makes Product Pages Effective?

The key elements of an effective product page include product titles, media, product descriptions, and social proof. Let’s check out how each of these elements should appear on your site.

Product Titles

When it comes to product titles you want to make sure they’re unique and that your whole store has a naming scheme. Inside the naming scheme, you can include the brand, size, color, and major features of the product that someone may search for.

Luxyhair is one of our favorite examples of a store that has excellent product titles:


What’s the secret to driving potential customers to your product pages from Google Shopping, Free Listings, or your homepage? You need to use “Shop Now” imagery that catches the eye.

When building out your store use the “Amazon Rule of Thumb.” This guideline states you should add…

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