get it on! best hookup sites is a hookup app that allows you to find sex at first sight. it operates based on your location, so users in different places can match and hook up within a specific distance. there are no, and users can get to a hookup as easily as they get to netflix or spotify.

even if you take tinder’s cards approach at face value, a large study by the new england journal of medicine found that there was no evidence for heightened risk of stis for people who use it. however, they found that those who have sex with strangers are more likely to have stis, and that’s not a good thing. best of luck and make sure you check your health first before leaping headlong into sex with someone you’ve never met. the world is a scary place these days, especially if you’re single.

if the hookup apps are all about the sex, what about the dating apps? fortunately, there are also plenty of apps that are geared toward fostering a sincere, long-term relationship. here are three top picks:

one of the more popular dating apps, bumble,has a few distinct differences that makes it a must-try app when you’re looking for a date. bumble is a bit more sketchy, but the premise is interesting. instead of swiping left or right on person’s profile pics, one simply has to send a message, which has to be a super short 30 second intro, and wait to see if the other person responds.

while most people probably assume that tinder is a hookup app, others believe it’s a stalker app. the app is free to download on most devices, but the best feature is the ability to include a short bio on your profile. this bio gives you a chance to describe yourself and what you’re looking for, which makes dating on the app that much easier. it’s also completely free to use, unlike most of the other apps mentioned, so there really is no reason to not download it.