Top Mistakes People Make Producing Content for SEO Purposes

Episode Overview: SEO, when correctly utilized, plays a large role in creating successful content marketing strategies. Although content marketers are experts in their practice, not every content marketer is well versed in the nuances of SEO. Join host Ben as he speaks with WordAgents owner Vincent D’Eletto about the top mistakes content marketers make producing content for SEO and what reliable practices to adopt to create successful content.


  • The most common mistake people make writing SEO content is that they write articles in academic paper format, whereas conversational writing is preferred for SEO. 
  • The best format rules to follow writing for SEO include short paragraphs and sentences offering succinct, useful information. Including additional media like Twitter embeds, images and video meet SEO best practices.
  • Improper keyword density is a common mistake content marketers encounter. The average proper keyword density includes using your target keyword only three to five times throughout the article. Secondary keywords should only be used one to three times throughout your article.
  • Keywords should be worked into header tags, from H1 to H4 as long as the titles meet SEO standards and ensure you’re not exceeding the average recommended keyword usage.


Ben:                  Welcome to the Voices of Search podcast. I’m your host, Benjamin Shapiro, and today we’re going to talk a little content marketing. Joining us is…

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