Top Business Listings for Every Industry

About this Resource

Local business directories, also known as local citation sites, are crucial to local search optimization, but with 1000s to choose from it’s not always easy to find the right ones for your business.

Fortunately, we have done the hard work for you: on this page you will find over 800 niche business listing sites, split across 40+ business categories!

How to use this resource

If you know which industry category or niche you’re looking to build citations on, you can head right there now! Simply check out the Contents list (on the right on desktop and at the top of the page on mobile) and look for the industry that’s right for you.

Need to return to the Contents list? Just click the small ‘down’ arrow at the top of the page.

How are they selected?

Our specialist Citation Builder team carefully hand-build over 60,000 citations every month, so this certainly gave us a head start! We combined this in-house knowledge with many extra hours of manual research, including using existing resources, to compile a ‘long-list’ of over 10,000 sites.

Each of these was then manually reviewed and filtered down to a ‘Best-of-the-Best’, by business category.

Filter steps:

  • Is it a niche directories/citation site? (If no, then discard – so no here.)
  • Is there a clear ‘Add Listing’ option? (If no, then discard.)
  • Does the site operate in one of USA/CAN/UK/AUS (If no, then discard.)
  • Does the site have a domain authority of 10+? (If no, then…

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