Local SEO Pitch Deck

Working with multiple local business clients and locations can leave even the best SEOs scratching their heads, but managing everything under one roof with BrightLocal can help take away the headache.

There’s also a wealth of BrightLocal guides, resources, features and functions specifically designed to help agencies grow and to make their lives far easier. Take a look below for the useful things that not every agency knows about, but absolutely should.

BrightLocal Resources for Agencies

White-label Pitch Decks and Sales Scripts

BrightLocal customers can take the effort out of local SEO pitches with our fully white-labeled pitch decks, which provide compelling data and work plans for:

  • Local SEO
  • Reputation Management
  • Listing Management

Each one is available in both Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint format, and is presented in muted colours, with only the barest of stylistic imagery, making it easy for you to put your agency’s imprint on the content.

That’s not all, though: couple your presentation with one of our professionally-written sales scripts and you’ll have no problem converting clients!

If your pitch goes well and your potential client wants to hear more, you can even use our full Local SEO proposal template, featuring customizable sections on everything from the scope of your services to costs and timeframe.

Local SEO Proposal

Every pitch deck and sales script is expertly crafted by our Business Development team, who speak fluent local SEO all day, every day….

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