Top 50 Local Citation Sites

Top 50 Local Citation Sites

Top 50 Local Citation Sites

Top 50 Local Citation Sites

We originally published this list of top local citation sites in 2013 and it’s become such a regularly trusted resource that we’ve re-researched and republished it every year since!

In February 2021 we reviewed all the local directories included and updated each of the country lists to ensure that this is the most complete and fresh citation-building resource available online for anyone looking for business listings or local directories.

Sites were selected based on a range of criteria –

  • Domain Authority (i.e. their ranking power)
  • Generic Sites (i.e. businesses in all categories can get listed on them)
  • Active Sites (i.e. they’re still in business)
  • Accept New Listings (i.e. not closed business lists)

Local Citation Sites for USA, UK, Canada, and Australia

We have divided this list into 4 countries so that businesses and SEOs based in each country can access a set of business listing websites that works for them and their customers.

Please Note: Citation sites listed here aren’t necessarily ones we can submit to using Citation Builder. Click here for more information.

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