Want to jump straight to the answer? The best website builder for most people is Wix.

You want a website, but you’re not a coder, an engineer, or a designer. You just want your website to look good and work well and not take forever to build.

Good news: Even if you’re not even super technically proficient, a website builder or a template can get you a professional-looking website in minutes.

There was a time when you could really tell the difference between the site a web designer would build and one a novice could create. But these days, the playing field is leveled. I’ve built lots of websites, and most of them I didn’t use a designer for — I used a template or a website builder. (And, yes, I still made money off of those sites.)

To find the best, I reviewed 31 website builders, testing them on their ease of use, the professionalism and quality of the final product, customer support, and pricing. I then narrowed them all down to my top 4 picks for the best website builders in 2020. Here they are.

The 4 Best Website Builders

If you’re looking for the easiest way to create a site, a website builder like Wix will certainly get you there. These are subscription services with drag-and-drop interfaces and we’ll explain the pros and cons of each of them in detail.

But you should also consider building your own website with WordPress. There’s no subscription fee and your site will be basically limitless. It’s not an all-in-one service, but it isn’t hard to sign up…

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