The Game Vortex is a table top game developer which has focused exclusively on Deadlands Reloaded, an adaption of the well-known Savage Worlds Fantasy campaign system, for three years. Having already secured partnership from Paizo Publishing and Games Workshop, Vortex have continued to push the scale of the games even further, creating a number of interlocking products which together offer a whole new approach to the table top experience.
This is the first of these products, and offers all the information that you need to get started with the highly acclaimed Savage Worlds Fantasy campaign system, including the Savage Worlds Companion, Savage Wilds Pen & Paper Character Sheet, Savage Wilds Nomad Character Sheet, Savage Wilds Nomad Monsters, Savage Wilds Nomad Weapons, Savage Wilds Nomad Traps, Savage Wilds Nomad Tokens, Savage Wilds Nomad Backgrounds, and Savage Wilds Nomad Theater.
Key Features
Savage Wilds Nomad Extensions:
The Stone and a Hard Place Player’s Guide:
Optionally includes the Savage Worldsextension, “The Stone and a Hard Place: A Hexslinger Archetype”
The Savage Worldsextension:
Contains class options for Hexslingers, weapons and traps for Hexslingers, and the Stone and a Hard Place Savage Background.
The Savage Worldsextension Rulebook:
A Savage Worlds Ruleset, Savage Wilds Guide, Savage Worldsextension, Savage Wilds Nomad Backgrounds, Savage Wilds Nomad Weapons, Savage Wilds Nomad Traps, Savage Wilds Nomad Tokens, Savage Wilds Nomad Backgrounds, Savage Wilds Nomad Classes, Savage Wilds Nomad Monsters, Savage Wilds Nomad Character Sheet
Savage Worldsextension Savage Backgrounds:
Includes characters created for this Savage Worldsextension. Use them as templates to create your own characters, or use the recommended templates in their locations. These include three Savage Worldsextension Savage Backgrounds for Hexslingers, two for Cowboys, and four for established backgrounds, plus four for a standing order of Savage Wilds Nomad Backgrounds.
Rough Notes
Intended for use with Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.8 or higher.
Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license and a one time purchase of the Savage Worlds ruleset.
This is a pdf, 20 pages.
“Experience all the buzz from the Geffen Savage Worlds booth, or


Features Key:

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Key Features:
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– Tasty events such as Frosty CakeFest, the Ice Cream Man Cometh
– Minigames including the Sweet Assortment and Amazing Breadstick
– Interact with other customers, and unlock extras
– Win exclusive cakes, earn prizes, watch your friends get it wrong
– Earn coins to purchase cakes for levelling
– Keep your cakes up to date with Silly Cakepedia
– Full Steam achievements
– 30 achievements to unlock
– Steam achievements sync between players
– Full controller support
– Compatible with Keyboard and Mouse

Additional Info:
– Warpixel
– All ages
– Not recommended for children under five
– Chocolate is dangerous.
– No animals were harmed in the making of this product

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I love it. It feels right. Love the song choices. It’s perfect for the game. Can’t imagine a better soundtrack for this game. At first I tried to make sense of it, realized what it was and said “i’m sorry, it makes no sense at all.” Then I listened to it again and said “yeah, but it’s perfect.” The way they used the actual track of the game played in the background, made me laugh. Maybe I’m a little goofy. That or I’m just not used to the game. I know that this is a short response, but I just can’t be bothered with much else right now. But your game is absolutely fantastic and the music is even better.

Reviewer Feedback:

I think it’s great. I love when the music pieces go from being silent to something that fits perfectly into the game’s atmosphere. There’s alot of life to the tracks too. The music slowly gets more intense as the game progresses. Unlike most ‘indie’ games where the soundtrack is overly simplistic and boring, your soundtrack is great. It’s very unique. You said it yourself, that your music choices aren’t meant to make sense. I like that. Let’s hope you and I can cooperate in future games. Keep up the great work!

The soundtrack has been so inspiring to me (as a musician) for being uniquely chosen. I find it difficult to create music with any kind of theme or atmosphere and not be labelled a ‘copy-cat’ (also because I can tell when it happens).

This is awesome game and the soundtrack is amazing! I love it and I can see the game having no game music because of it. Good job!

Reviewer Feedback:

I think it’s great! You can tell that the soundtrack was deliberately made like that. It’s good to be able to know what’s happening in the game, and not just a sample of songs. You can tell in the game that something is going on, it’s always only one song per area, and you feel it. It’s a good thing that sometimes it doesn’t follow the plot. If I had to rate the soundtrack, I would give it 9 out of 10.

I guess it’s good to have a soundtrack, but it’s very disappointing that the game doesn’t use any of it’s own music. The lack of music is very noticeable, like if there would be a silent movie. When you think about it, probably 90


What’s new in Tiger Tank 59 … Rainstorm MP099:

AROUND THE SITE: The objective on this one-hour hike is to see a canyon about one-quarter mile from the road. The route follows a well-marked trail that crosses the road twice. The trail is fairly steep in the beginning, and it drops into several stairsteps as it heads to the canyon. As you descend, the only sound may be birds chirping in the trees along the trail. Topping a small ridge, you can see the canyon – and its impressive depths – from above. Return by the same trail.

Logistics: Parking is near the visitor center on Yukon Flats.

HISTORY / POLITICS: Mr. Rios was the first ranger to work at the park. Mr. Rios retired in 1957 and the park was closed several times during his tenure. He retired in late 1957, after seven years in the position, and the day-to-day operations of the park was taken over by the facilities staff. In 1963 the park was reactivated, with Mr. Rios being one of the first day rangers. When he retired he was replaced by Mr. Bartolo, who later retired and allowed Mr. Grove to become the new chief ranger in 1973. The park was closed several times during Mr. Bartolo’s tenure. When he retired in 1984, Mr. Brent was hired as the new chief ranger. In 1985 the number of employees increased and this resulted in the hiring of a new E.O. Paine, the present chief ranger. He retired in 1999, and the park was closed for several months as part of a federal class-action lawsuit against the National Park Service. The small park was reopened on August 1, 1999, with the park staff having worked on repairing the damage. The park closed again after the litigation was settled and the deadline for entering the park was in August 2001.

Cooper set up his office in the park building in 1923. He died there on July 2, 1937.

ACCESS / LIFESTYLE: The park is very beautiful, with a lot of interesting geological features, wildlife and birdlife.

VISUAL IMPACT: The Canyon is very impressive. It is about 250′ deep and 10-20′ wide. From the trail you have complete or partial views of the canyon. Two of the deepest areas are well-known locations for photographs.

SEASON: Winter is the best time to see the flowers, vegetation and wildlife. Summer is the best


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Ra²: the Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen is a side-scrolling action-adventure game where players explore seven intriguing environments of the universe, each with its own strange and amazing creatures. Baron Munchausen is an immortal being that starts out as a poor baron, but the circumstances of life he faced changed him. Now, with the help of a group of formidable companions, he must embark on a search for the kidnapped son of the king of Narnia, save the princess from the clutches of a disfigured demon, and return a fabled sword to its rightful owner.
Mystereum has created a stunning, fully playable, motion capture based world – in which the player becomes the main character, Baron Munchausen. With a new and believable acting system, full gameplay mechanics including puzzle solving, an online multiplayer mode and an extensive extra content, Mystereum has brought a completely new and original approach to the side-scrolling action-adventure genre.
• An all new and original side-scrolling action-adventure gameplay
• New fully playable Motion Capture based world where the player becomes the main character, Baron Munchausen
• Seven different environments to explore, each with its own unique inhabitants and situations. This environment includes mazes, cityscapes, jungles, outcrops, castles, dungeons and ocean environments.
• Fully playable gameplay with a plethora of puzzles to solve, a huge arsenal of weapons, new magical spells to cast and hire mercenaries.
• An extensive extra content, with an online multiplayer mode, new weapons, spells and levels.
Key Features:
• Live Motion Capture
• Fully playable gameplay
• Completely new and original approach to the side-scrolling action-adventure genre
• Full network support
• Six playable characters
• Seven different environments
• An extensive extra content, with an online multiplayer mode, new weapons, spells and levels
• Original music by Pau Damià Riera


“Ra²: The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen will take you on a spacebound journey that will challenge and surprise you. The visuals will capture you with their attention to detail and characters such as the Queen of Narnia, fairies, wizards, inventors and robots will entice you to your deep curiosity. But your adventure has just begun, as you’ll have to overcome enemies, discover new magic and solve various puzzles


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  • 1. Download Sheepy: A Short Adventure v1.0.0.0 Portable (32bit, 64bit)
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Run Sheepy: A Short Adventure

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System Requirements For Tiger Tank 59 … Rainstorm MP099:

Supported OS:
Windows 10:
Home, Pro, Pro Education, Enterprise, and Enterprise Education Editions
Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
Windows Server 2008
Windows 7
X64-based 32-bit:
Home Edition, Professional, Pro Education, Enterprise, and Enterprise Education Editions
X64-based 64-bit: