How to optimize for voice search

With years of experience in both SEO and digital marketing, Steve Wiideman is a trusted pro in his field. In this article, he sheds light on the ins and outs of voice search and explains how you can optimize your website content for voice search. 


What Is Voice Search?

Voice Search refers to the technology behind searching the internet without the use of a keyboard, where an assistant (such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana, or Google Assistant) replies to a query with an answer or action. This technology was built to encourage safer driving and provide general convenience over using a keyboard.

As humans continue to untether themselves from handheld devices, technology companies push forward to bring in innovations for performing tasks using Virtual Assistant software. This software leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to make tasks faster and easier than ever. 

Tasks might include making phone calls, checking the weather, booking appointments, making purchases, playing music, interacting with smart home devices, and searching the internet.

We obviously know which search engine powers Google Assistant, but what about the rest? As it turns out, Alexa currently uses Bing search results, as does Cortana (which is owned by Microsoft), and Siri uses Google for search, but Bing for images.

Why Is Voice Search Important?

Beyond the obvious safety reasons of not touching (or being distracted by) a smartphone while driving, boating, walking, or performing any other task,…

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