Three Mistakes B2B Companies Should Avoid

Jon Miller is the Chief Product Officer and CMO of Demandbase

After co-founding a company focused on marketing automation and a company focused on account-based marketing (known as ABM), I am now turning my focus to what I see as the next wave of momentum forward: account-based experience (which I refer to as “ABX”).

ABM has been wonderful, but it comes with some limitations that are worth noting. The main one is that identifying target accounts and pursuing them relentlessly, with little regard for whether they wanted to be pursued at all, is not always the best approach. This puts the buying process all on your terms, not the buyer’s, which flies in the face of how customer-centric the B2B space has become. Looking at it through this lens, it became clear to me that ABM, as it was actively being practiced, could actually weaken trust, annoy or alienate. 

This led me to the revelation that we needed to marry the precision and targeting of ABM with the engaging nature of inbound marketing — all while keeping the buyer experience front and center. Enter ABX, which I define as a go-to-market strategy that uses data to curate relevant and trustworthy marketing and sales actions throughout a B2B customer’s lifecycle.

This strategy captures the best from ABM and the best from inbound marketing without sacrificing buyer needs and trust. Here’s why I feel this shift is critical in the B2B world today.

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