30-second summary:

  • The PPC world is ever-changing. Today’s trends may not be in the picture tomorrow
  • People will start focusing more on the buyer’s journey and use it to its full potential
  • Automation and AI will be a key trend in 2021

Many things have turned topsy-turvy after witnessing a year full of unprecedented situations and multiple coronavirus-induced lockdowns. Companies are shifting to a remote-first culture, people prefer shopping online than going to a retail store, and in-person conversations have turned to video conversations. A lot has changed in the last year, even on the advertising and marketing turf. Marketers have started using automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to create data-backed ads. They’ve started understanding the buyer’s journey and making the most of it. Here are three PPC trends that can potentially rock the boat in 2021.   

1. Google’s ad data hub will be a gold mine

Earlier in 2020, Google announced that they’d stop allowing third-party pixel tracking because of security concerns. The reliance on third-party pixels to check YouTube metrics led Google to invest in Ads Data Hub.

It is a custom analysis that aligns data with your specific objectives while maintaining privacy and security. It offers marketers a comprehensive analysis to measure the effectiveness of the ads across different screens.