You’ve probably noticed that every single PPC agency out there is “data-driven”.

So why is it that most agencies we meet are struggling with data silos that make cross-channel optimization difficult and agency-wide insights near impossible? 

We call this the data-driven contradiction: most agencies aspire to be data-driven, yet the technically complex reality of implementing this means most struggle to be truly driven by data. 

Every innovative agency has its own unique strategies and rules for things like budget management and ad optimization, and to work efficiently, you need to automate these across multiple platforms. 

But building the necessary custom optimization tools that use your unique PPC strategies to increase your clients’ campaign performance is expensive and time consuming. 

Or is it? 

It used to be prohibitively expensive for smaller agencies to build custom tools. But the underlying technology has changed! I’m here to tell you that the size of your agency no longer matters. 

We’re a team of specialists who build custom PPC automation solutions and purpose-built advertising data infrastructure solutions for agencies – and we found initial success as a business working with smaller agencies that have 12 to 60 employees. That gives our developers and cloud engineers a unique perspective within the PPC industry. 

We had to find more efficient ways of working, and today I will show you an approach that literally any…

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