LinkedIn says there’s more demand for marketers now than ever, and new job postings are shifting toward remote positions.

A LinkedIn report on marketing jobs looks at key hiring trends and insights over the past 6 months.

The report finds the demand for marketers grew significantly during the pandemic.

Companies recognize they need to change their approach to reaching customers, and they’re seeking the assistance of marketing professionals.

“Disruptive events, like a pandemic and economic recessions, often take a negative toll on hiring demand, but marketing has seen the opposite impact.

Businesses are recognizing a need to innovate and differentiate in the way they reach potential customers and are looking to their marketing departments to help drive that innovation.”


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In the past six months, the number of marketing jobs posted to LinkedIn has grown 63%. A total of 341,000 marketing jobs were posted to LinkedIn in the last year.

Here are additional highlights from the report, with more on the demand for marketing jobs and the types of positions available.

More Data From LinkedIn’s Report On Marketing Jobs

Which industries are looking for marketers?

Marketing jobs in industries like arts and retail have been in the highest demand.

50% of the top 10 marketing jobs posted on LinkedIn are in the digital or media space.

LinkedIn calls these “generally recession-proof” and non-cyclical industries, as they have been the least affected in…

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