The Ultimate Local Business Directory List - Updated 2020

Growing your online visibility via local business directories (also known as building citations) is integral to your local marketing strategy. Using a business directory list like the one below helps to increase search rankings, build trust and authority with search engines, and gives potential customers a greater chance of finding you online.

There’s a wealth of free business directory lists out there (many of which we’ve published ourselves), but we’re confident that this list of the top 50 is the very best place to start if you’re working int the USA.

Not in the USA? Check out the top free international citation sites!

Top 50 Free Business Directories for the USA

The following local business directories have been selected based on Domain Authority (DA) gathered in June 2020.

If you need further clarification of what an online directory or local business directory is, here’s a quick explanation:

A business directory is a website that indexes businesses based on their industry niche, location or category, similar to the Yellow Pages. Within the list, you’ll have the business Name, Address, and Phone number (known as NAP), along with a link back to the business website.

Submitting your business to local business directories with consistent information and links helps you build citations. Citations help search engines such as Google identify your business and can help to increase organic rankings in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Consistent NAP…

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