The Ultimate List of Sales Manager & Sales Rep Interview Questions

The interview for any position is only as useful as the questions you choose to ask.

Job candidates can bring a load of stress and anxiety to the interviewing process, but leaders should be able to think deeply about what they’re looking for in a match.

The more you align your questions with proven predictors of success, the better interviews will be at helping you select candidates.

What Makes a Good Sales Rep?


Every candidate would like to believe that they’re the greatest salesperson in the world. While we all marvel at Jordan Belfort’s skills, trying to (misguidedly) emulate that energy can lead to a slew of problems.

Instead, when you’re looking to bring on a new sales rep, you’ll want to find a candidate that’s:

  • Empathetic
  • Open-minded and willing to learn
  • Confident
  • Enthusiastic
  • Resilient
  • Competitive
  • Knows how to build relationships

This may sound like a pretty cliche list, but a good sales rep does have to be the person that can get along with everyone.

In order to engage with leads and convert them into prospects, and then into customers, they’ll need to have a firm understanding of your company’s goals, sales process, and industry.

All of that comes from adaptability, ambition, and persistence.

What Makes a Good Sales Manager?

Compared to many professionals, sales managers are in an unusual position.


When most folks move up to the managerial ranks, the learning curve is relatively forgiving since they use most of the same skills they’ve…

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