your freelancer inbound funnel starts with a good one liner

As a freelancer, inbound leads are especially valuable. You don’t have a sales team and scaled up marketing efforts – it’s just you and your time. I know this firsthand, because I’ve had a nearly 100% inbound freelance business since day one. My business has been profitable since I started it and increased in revenue each year, all without needing to send cold pitches. In this blog post, I’m detailing the four factors that helped me build my freelancer inbound funnel, each one corresponding to a timeless law of freelancing from my book, The 50 Laws of Freelancing.

Part 1: Have a good enough one-liner

I’m a freelance writer for startups and venture capitalists. If you asked me what else I do, I’d tell you that I edit, do content strategy, occasionally work with big corporations and governments, and more. But my “one-liner” when I introduce myself is simply that I am a freelance writer for startups and venture capitalists.

This is the essence of the “good enough” one-liner.

When you introduce yourself, you want to make sure what you say meets two criteria:

  1. It’s easy to understand.
  2. It’s easy to repeat.

If you want to build a freelancer inbound funnel, criterion number two is the most important. If I started all of my introductions with everything I do, people would get confused and understand less. But more importantly, they would repeat it less – or repeat it incorrectly.

The point of a “good enough” one-liner is so that other people talk about you…

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