The Top Citation Sites in Every US State - Updated 2021

450+ top local citation sites and business by US state

Anyone who owns or works with a local business will know the foundational importance of building quality citations on business listings sites and directories. We’ve already collected the top citation sites by business category, by country, and by US city, but this resource is for you if you’re looking to improve the online visibility of a local business across the US state you operate it.

Our Citations Team has gathered over 450 different business listings sites and directories that focus wholly on businesses within each of the US states. The next time you’re looking for a state-wide business listings site or directory to submit your or your client’s business to, head back to this page.

Please Note: Citation sites listed here aren’t necessarily ones we can submit to using Citation Builder. Click here for more information.

Build citations the easy way using BrightLocal

Building citations can take a lot of time, effort and stress. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We have an experienced team of professional citation builders who deliver over 60,000 citations every month for our SEO and SMB customers. Our manual citation service costs just US$3 per submission and ensures that your business is appearing in all the right business listings sites and local directories.

We can also submit your business data to local data aggregators in the US.  These aggregators will distribute your data out to their…

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