The Top 7 Facebook Quiz Marketing Secrets Used to Capture Data

Gathering data about leads and customers is an essential task for any organization. Without data, you wouldn’t be able to grow and develop, improve your products and services, or stay competitive.

Now, there are many different ways that companies collect data. Some rely on interviews and surveys, some have popups on their websites that just straight out ask you for your email, and some rely on sophisticated online tools for data collection and analysis.

But the hidden gems of data capture are Facebook quizzes.

With a reliable Facebook quiz maker, marketers can very quickly
and easily capture your data and offer you something of value in return.

Before we unravel the marketing secrets of how and why your data
is used, let’s check out whether it’s even safe to give out your personal
information through Facebook quizzes and whether it’s something that you should
worry about.

Are Facebook quizzes safe?

After the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandal, everyone became concerned about their online privacy and how their data is used, and for good reason. 

After all, it was reported that Cambridge Analytica wanted to
use the data to influence the presidential elections back in 2016, among other

Although it raised many questions, the scandal actually had a silver lining. It has forced companies to be more transparent about their data usage, and it forced Facebook to be more active in protecting your privacy.

Now, marketers cannot create Facebook quizzes to…

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