The Top 15 Best Sales Blogs to Help You Close More Deals

“Become the person who would attract the results you seek.” — Jim Cathcart

In every aspect of our lives, goal setting is important, but for the type of person who thrives in sales, it is even more true. Goals are what keep you motivated. Competition is what drives you. 

And while leadership has likely set goals for you, for the sales team in general, there’s a pretty good chance you’d like to exceed those goals. What are the results you seek?

Once you’ve defined what those goals are, it’s time to address how one becomes the person who achieves them. When it comes to sales, how does one do that?

Do you keep trying the same methods over and over, hoping you’ll find the customers on which those tactics work? Or do you stay up-to-date on sales strategies, techniques, and trends?


While sticking with the same strategies may bring you some success, in sales, the most successful representatives are the ones who remain agile, who follow industry and sales leaders, and who remain lifelong learners when it comes to the art of the sale. One of the best ways to do that is to follow sales blogs.

Why Sales Blogs Matter

There’s no shortage of books on sales out there. In fact, many of us know the salesperson whose office or home office shelves are lined with the latest works on sales strategies and techniques. 

However, what there is often a shortage of is time. In short, while audiobooks may be great if you’ve got a commute, finding time to read is a luxury, and…

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