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You’ve got your optimization checklist to complete, either for your own local business or on behalf of your client, and you’re wondering which free Local SEO tool will do the manual work for you.

We all love a freebie, but when it comes to the complex and multi-location world of Local SEO, the tool still has to be top-notch, so that you can sit back and trust that it’s doing the job you want it to.

In this reactive industry, you also want free tools that can give you a quick and accurate answer as soon as you’ve thought of the question. That’s why we’ve compiled the top 10 free local SEO tools in the industry so that you know where to turn.

Local RankFlux

BrightLocal’s Local RankFlux is the only ranking fluctuation monitoring tool for local search. We track daily ranking movements across 14,000+ keywords to measure volatility and identify suspected algorithm updates. Get daily, weekly or urgent-only alerts so that you’re not left in the lurch the next time a Google algorithm update impacts local rankings.


If you’re looking for a simple way to find a ZIP code, USPS allows you to search by street address, city, or state. You can also search using a ZIP code to find out which cities it covers. This tool comes in handy when analyzing how well businesses are ranking in particular neighborhoods, as these ZIP codes can be used in tools like BrightLocal’s Local Search Results Checker to view localized search results.

USPS ZIP Code Finder


Identify key issues that affect your business’ website and rankings with Siteliner. The free service allows up to 250 page searches per month, identifying duplicate content, broken links, and page power. You simply add the URL for the page you want to check and Siteliner does all the hard work for you.


Microdata Generator

Help Google understand the purpose of your web pages by adding structured data coding. Generate Schema code with ease using Google’s preferred Schema markup; JSON-LD. Simply fill in the table and Microdata Generator will build the code for you to copy and paste on your website.

Microdata Generator


Search for local sponsorship opportunities at scale with Zipsprout. You can automate city or topic-specific searches, save time by favoriting certain locations, and let Zipsprout’s matchmakers take care of the outreach. Perfect for local businesses that haven’t got the team or time to send hundreds of emails.


Manual GeoLocation Chrome Extension

Virtually understand how local pack results change when a customer moves from one street to the next using Chrome’s Manual GeoLocation Extension. This extension allows you to override the HTML Geolocation in the browser.

Manual Geolocation

Local Falcon

The first map rank tracker of its kind in the local SEO community, which is handily free for your first scan. With Local Falcon you can quickly visualize your business’ position in the local pack, based on your chosen keywords and parameters. Not only can you see your own ranking position, but you also get an insight into where your competitors rank in each neighborhood, meaning you can focus your optimization where it matters.

Local Falcon Homepage

Local SEO Checklist

Not strictly a tool, but a great resource nonetheless. Broken down by six categories, the Local SEO Checklist covers every step your business should take when it comes to boosting Local SEO. Not just a checklist though, this resource breaks down what, why, and how each task should be approached.

Local SEO Checklist

Ask the Public

If you’re finding yourself stuck for content and research ideas, Ask the Public is where you want to be. Add your keyword and the tool will list all the questions customers have asked search engines such as Google and Bing, so that you can tailor your content around what your customers want to know. And there you have it, all the content ideas you need, grouped by query type, ready for you to increase traffic to your website.

Ask the Public

Google ID & Link Generator

BrightLocal’s Google ID & Link Generator allows you to easily find Google IDs and links for any local business that has a physical address. Get all the Google search, Google Maps, and Google My Business review links you need, instantly.

Google Link & ID Generator

Are there any we’ve missed?

If you have any additional suggestions to share with the community, feel free to add them in the comments below!


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