The SEO Expert's Guide to Conducting Keyword Research -

If you’re publishing content online, a detailed understanding of how to perform keyword research and how to target specific keywords is essential.

SEMRush’s database alone estimates the use of 18.8 billion keywords across 717 million domains. If you’re not targeting the right keywords with real search volume, you’re not going to get any visitors to your site.

It’s that simple.

Looking for highly targeted or profitable keywords is a bit like panning for gold. There are billions of keywords to sift through to find the ones you want, so how do you find keywords that will bring traffic to your site?

The easiest way is by using SEO tools for keyword research. There are various tools on the market designed to crunch all the data behind the billions of keywords people type into search engines every day.

Here’s a look at what keyword research is, why it’s vitally important to any digital marketing and organic growth strategies, and some of the best keyword research tools on the market.

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