The absolute most proven & profitable way to set up Google ads in 2020.

Getting your Google ads campaign structure correct right the way through from keyword selection, add group set up to landing page destination is vital if you want to compete against well-established competitors in your industry.

By getting your Google AdWords account structure correct it has a dramatic effect on lowering your cost per click, increasing your quality score, lowering your cost per conversion and these are just some of the benefits of getting your account structure correct.

In this video, I show you how to set up your Google ads account structure in a way that gives you the ease of management but also set you up for tremendous success. This is the exact same structure I used to manage small accounts or accounts spending six-figures per month for my own businesses and clients around the world.

Proof Of This Google Adwords Account Structure: 0:46
Overview Of the Google Ads Structure: 2:11
How Keywords Should Work For You: 3:03
How To Group Your Keywords For Better Results: 4:09
Revealed The Proven Structure: 5:36
How To Select The Right Keyword Match Type For Your Structure: 6:39
Example Of The Google Adwords Account Structure In Action: 9:54
How To Manage & Optimise Your Google Ads Campaigns: 11:31

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In this episode of the Eureka Masterclass discover the best practices for Google Adword’s campaign structures from an account spending $40,000 per month. Learn how to evaluate keywords and structure ad groups quickly for ease of management and better return on investment.

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