The Most Annoying Types of Ads & What to Do Instead [New Data]

A 2019 Edelman study found that three out of four consumers avoid ads. In fact, 47% said they have changed their media habits to see fewer ads while others use ad blockers to prevent them altogether.

The reasons why vary.

Personally, I hate repetitive ads. For about a month straight, every time I would watch a YouTube video, I would see the same ad and it got more irritating every time. Mostly because I wasn’t interested in the brand or its services. But the incessant nature of the ad led to me develop a negative association with the company.

So, how can brands deliver ads that audiences want to see? To know that, let’s first look at what they definitely don’t like.

The Most Annoying Advertisement Types

We surveyed 302 people using Lucid to ask them about what ads they’re most annoyed by.

When we asked the random survey pool, “What’s the most annoying type of digital ad?”, a whopping 58% of respondents said pop-up ads that negatively impact the user experience.

2021 Lucid Survey Most Annoying Ad Types

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While advertising can be unavoidable for brands based on their goals, there are ways to produce ads that don’t annoy your audience. Below, we dive into the two most annoying ads types and explain how marketers and advertisers can navigate.

Pop-Up Ads.

When you think about it, this result isn’t too shocking. We’ve all gone through it. You land on a website and before you can even scroll, you’re hit with a big pop-up ad that takes up the whole screen. You close it, then get hit with another pop-up on…

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