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October is coming to an end and this means that we hosted another SEO news webinar at Yoast HQ. If you’re not familiar with this recurring event yet: it’s a monthly webinar at which our experts Joost and Jono discuss the latest news when it comes to Google, Bing, WordPress and everything related to SEO. If you missed it, or if you simply want to reread the highlights, this post will give you a recap of the topics they covered. Sit back and enjoy!

What’s new in Google?

Google Search On 2020 event

This month, Google held an online Google Search On 2020 instead of their annual Google I/O that they had to cancel earlier this year. During the Search On event, Google announced that their language understanding model BERT is now used on almost every English search query out there.

To give you some context, BERT is designed to look at every part of a search query and understand the relationship between the different words being used. This ties in with Google’s continuous work to keep getting better and better at understanding the web and its users. By using AI, such as BERT, Google focuses more on getting you the right answer to your question and not just showing you the pages where you can find it yourself.

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