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Every month, Jono and I sit down to discuss the latest news in SEO in a live webinar for our Yoast SEO Academy members. It’s a fun way for us to provide you some of our insights on what’s happening right now. In addition, you get to ask your questions as well, so it’s a very interactive experience. Of course, this being August, the month was light on news, but we managed to fill the hour without breaking a sweat. Here, I’ll go over some of the things we talked about. Please join us for our next webinar!

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What’s new with Google and Bing 

When going over the list, it’s easy to see that Google especially has been quite busy at rolling out new stuff. These are mostly new, rich features to help searchers get more tasks done in the search engine itself. Most of the time, these features are born in and targeted at the US market and it might take a while to come to other parts of the world.  

New features in Google search 

In the past month, Google launched a whole lot of new search features: from tools to…

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