The Importance of URL Structure For SEO (And How To Use It)

What if someone from Google called you today and told you that your website would benefit from an SEO friendly URL structure? I’m sure that would get your attention.

Of course, you don’t need one more SEO problem to worry about. Particularly when your website has hundreds of URLs.

Here’s Google’s word on the importance of URLs for search engines (yes, they’re not just addresses to web destinations, they ‘tell’ search engines a lot more).

So, how important is the URL structure for SEO?

Like any other ranking factor, the URL structure will not change your SEO results on its own.

That said, it has its place in your holistic SEO strategy. If you give URL structure its due importance, your website will do better than equally good competitors who are still too lazy to work on URL structure.

This article will unpack everything you need to know about how to optimize your website’s URL structure so that you send the right signals to Google.

URL structure and user experience

A well thought out and optimized URL offers a better search experience to the end-user and empowers search engine bots to understand the ‘relevance’ and ‘context’ of the webpage.

Here’s an example of a URL that tells you (and the search engine) what you may expect on the webpage. Also note the close match between the title of the page and URL.

Better URL - Better User Experience for URL structure

Such semantically accurate URLs enhance user experience, as they either inform, or re-enforce a promise related to the ‘experience’…

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