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The Future of Digital Commerce and Artificial Intelligence

First, it was the advent of the World Wide Web that changed how the world worked. Then with digitalization came eCommerce as businesses around the world established their presence online to reach people beyond borders.

With innovations in technology, digital commerce is rising to the top with an expected grossing of $700 billion by the year 2022. The integration of AI will take it a step further with access to online portals for safe and profitable transactions.

Artificial intelligence will influence the digital market, not just for entrepreneurs but for consumers as well. It will modify how the digital commerce industry operates and revolutionize online shopping.

So, let’s explore some ways AI can be
integrated with digital commerce to understand its impact:

Retargeting potential customers

Companies and retailers are known to save customer data for their email lists. But with AI integrating with eCommerce websites, they can use that data to provide personalized offers directly to customers.

Amazon AI e-commerce website retargeting potential customers for digital commerce

Image Source: Amazon

Businesses will monitor the time a consumer spends browsing a particular product in a brick-and-mortar store. Through facial recognition and AI, the related websites can send out offer notifications or SMS announcements for that specific item to the user.

Based on the users’ search history and browsing habits on the site, e-retailers can remarket their products to the users looking for them.

Improving the efficiency of the sales process

With retargeting customers, AI…

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