Covid-19 impact on local businesses

As lockdown measures begin to ease, many businesses across the US and globally are being allowed to reopen. While this is welcome news for business owners, the world has changed. Companies will be reopening to a climate where strict health measures are in place, and most transactions are taking place online. 

The upcoming reopening period will be unlike anything we’ve seen since the Spanish Flu. According to a report by PwC, 54% of business owners reported that the pandemic has negatively impacted their business:

Source: Facility Executive

Similarly, BrightLocal’s study on how local marketers are dealing with the business consequences of Covid-19 showed that 35% of marketers were losing customers and 27% were temporarily closing.

How local businesses are handling covid-19

This is hardly surprising when you consider the sharp rise in unemployment rates, meaning services are less in demand than ever.

Luck and hard work alone will not be enough to keep your business afloat in the new normal. You’ll need to be smart and strategic about reopening. Here are five steps to consider as you set about reopening your company for business. 

1. Track your position vs search volume 

While businesses are beginning to reopen, people are still encouraged to stay at home as much as possible. Therefore, your online presence will be more critical than ever.

Since the start of the global outbreak, search results have seen huge fluctuations. Some industries have seen a huge dip in traffic. Travel is an obvious example, but…

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