Huddle up, marketers! Action star Arnold Schwarzenegger has a piece of advice for you. (If you’re not reading this in his voice, you’re doing it wrong.)

The day is 24 hours. 6 hours we sleep, so you have left 18 hours. So don’t ever give me this thing, “I’m working 12 hours so I don’t have time to exercise and to work out.”

Ugh. Worst motivational quote ever, Arnie.

As a one-person marketing team (or even with a couple of coworkers), your day is jam-packed. One minute you’re responding to a nasty post about your brand on Twitter—the next, you’re diving into PowerPoint to polish an important deck. All the while, you’re also expected to create marketing collateral that brings in new customers.

Time for exercise? To quote Arnie’s most famous movie line: fuggedaboutit.

With so much going on, you need to be sure that—whatever you’re working on—you get it right the first time. That’s why we built this list of the must-have elements for a high-converting landing page.

The Five Essential Elements of a Landing Page 

Whether you’re trying to collect leads, drive sales, or do something else entirely, landing pages do what your website can’t by honing in on one dedicated conversion goal.

Websites distract your visitors with multiple products, services, and offers. In contrast, landing pages keep your audience focused on a specific campaign (and make ’em much more likely to convert). If we’re talking quick-fire tactics that get results, landing pages…

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