Citations in SERPs

Chapter 4: How to Build Citations for Local Businesses

We’ve established what citations are, why they’re important, and covered the likes of NAP. In this section, we’ll move on to talking about the process of “citation building”, explaining how to build citations and business listings across the web for local SEO purposes. 

What is local citation building?

Local citation building is the process of creating and managing business listings online. If a ‘citation’ is a mention of your business online, then building local citations is the act of producing more mentions of your business across the web. 

Everything you see in the screenshot below is a result of local citation building, from the Google My Business profile to the third-party directories and review sites.

Citations in SERPs

How many local citations do you need for better local SEO?

This is a question many local business owners ask, and luckily the answer is simple: as many as possible, but only on quality sites. The more high-quality local citations your business can build, the better.

What do we mean by ‘high-quality local citations’? Directories specific to your niche and local area can be impactful, but the website’s Domain Authority is, as always, a good barometer for quality. That’s not to say you shouldn’t consider upping the number of lower-quality listings (the kinds of relatively unknown listings sites that are rarely visited by consumers) if you have the budget and time, as these all add to your…

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