In Ecommerce businesses, a sale is the primary call to action. The end goal is to get someone to purchase a product and, for the most part, that’s likely the conversion action you’re driving in your PPC campaigns. 

Lead generation is different. 

In lead gen, we’re offering our potential customers something now in exchange for information with the goal that they will stay in contact and eventually decide to work with us whether it’s using our service, purchasing a product, etc. 

The challenge here is to come up with an appealing offer so your customers are willing to give you their information and become part of your funnel. And that’s where most lead gen companies are failing. 

More than likely, your calls to action are terrible.

For real. 

So many offers are solely focused on the business’s priorities, not the customers. There are a very few number of people who want to watch your demo and those folks are already through most of their buying process. 

What about those further up the funnel in the interest stage or those just starting their research? Odds are a demo is a waste of their time. 

Whenever I give this little scphiel of mine, I always get the same question: 

What are good calls to action? 

And since I answer it all the time, I figured it would be best to write them all down and share rather than giving the list out in a one-to-one manner. 

So without further ado, here’s my list of calls to…

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