The world is smack in the midst of a pandemic and many businesses are being faced with what feel like impossible decisions. 

Nearly all industries are affected, some are seeing boons while others are facing closure. No matter your situation, it’s up to you to make decisions about what to do with your advertising campaigns during this time. 

The good news is that there are lots of marketers. We thought rather than only adding to the voices, it would be helpful to round them up so you can access all the collective knowledge in one place.

We’ll do our best to keep this list up to date, but please comment with any articles you think are useful and that should be a part of this list.

So with that, here’s our BIG list of COVID-19 marketing blog posts: 

Trending Data:

Check out Search Engine Land’s data on Winners and losers: How COVID-19 is affecting search behavior.

This WordStream article is great for high level trends from COVID and providing ideas of what you, your businesses, or your clients should be doing during the pandemic. 

This page on the Acquisio blog will continue to be updated with stats for 10 major industries and their changing landscapes during the pandemic. 

Lastly, Tinuiti has a look at key performance shifts in Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Updates from the Channels:


Google announced they’ll be giving $800+ million to small/medium businesses to help mitigate the downturn. There are…

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