The Best Virtual Office Services – 2020 Review

Are you wading through a sea of WordPress themes wanting to find the best option for your company?

Consider this your metaphorical lifesaver. I’ve been exactly where you are right now, and I’ve learned what makes a sturdy and reliable WordPress theme built for the long run by creating my fair share of websites.

A Google search will return an endless list of choices for WordPress themes. But it isn’t until you look closer that you see each of their weaknesses, whether or not they’re adequately built for search engines or if they’re clunky and use an outdated framework that only slows down your site.

This guide dives into the best WordPress themes you can choose to ensure your website is off to a strong start.

The Top 6 Best WordPress Themes of 2020

  1. OceanWP – Best multipurpose free theme
  2. Divi – Best highly customizable theme
  3. Shoptimizer – Best for e-commerce and sales optimization
  4. Underscores – Best theme for developers
  5. Oshine – Best theme for portfolio sites
  6. Stylemix– Best theme for niche sites

Read on to learn why each theme is perfect for their chosen category, along with an in-depth look at their best niche-specific features.

#1 – OceanWP — Best Multipurpose Free Theme

  • Very flexible
  • Free multipurpose theme
  • Great for tight budgets
  • Downloaded 3mm times

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If you’re starting a website with WordPress on a budget but still want the quality of a paid theme, you’ll be relieved to find the OceanWP theme. It’s the best free…

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