You’ve got your optimization checklist to complete, either for your own local business or on behalf of your client, and you’re now wondering;

“What are the best free Local SEO tools and browser extensions that will help do the manual work for me?”

We all love a freebie, but when it comes to the complex and multi-location world of Local SEO, the tool still has to be top-notch, so that you can sit back and trust that it’s doing the job you want it to.

In this reactive industry, you also want free local SEO tools that can give you a quick and accurate answer as soon as you’ve thought of the question. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the top free local SEO tools and Chrome browser extensions in the industry so that you know where to turn.

Top Free Listings Management Tools for Local SEOs


Postamatic, from the immensely talented Noah Learner over at Denver, Colorado-based agency Two Octobers, allows you to easily create and publish Google My Business (GMB) Posts, and Q&As through the GMB API. This is perfect if you’re managing multiple locations (and languages!) and struggling to keep all their GMBs update. No technical know-how needed: just fire up Google Sheets and you’re ready to go!

Local Listings Health Scannera

One of BrightLocal’s free local SEO tools that would be crazy to leave off this list is the Local Listings Health Scanner, which scans the most important business listings sites for your business and gives it a health score based…

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