The Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tools for SEO

Episode Overview: Conversion rate optimization tools are key features of every digital marketer’s strategy to convert leads. Knowing which CRO tools to use is a challenging aspect to creating a winning conversion strategy. Join host Ben as he concludes his discussion with Pathmonk founder Lukas Haensch examining which conversion rate optimization tools and metrics brands should analyze and how merging SEO data with other resources can improve conversion rates.


  • AB testing and chat bots or widgets can be useful to testing and boosting engagement on your pages, and enhance activity from users to gain conversions.
  • Reacting in real time to user actions by providing the right information at the right time can enhance coversion rates by 40% or more.


Ben:                 Welcome back to agency month on the Voices of Search podcast. I’m your host Benjamin Shapiro and this month we’re focusing on understanding and optimizing the relationships between SEO agencies and their in-house partners.

Ben:                 Joining us today is Lukas Haensch, who’s the founder at Pathmonk, which is an AI-driven technology that provides an effortless customer acquisition channel to automatically grow clients from website and social media traffic. Prior to working at Pathmonk, Lukas also worked at a little company called Google. Yesterday we talked about how Google views technical SEO optimization and a bunch of great tips…

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