Business Process Management (BPM) software helps businesses streamline operations to increase efficiency and productivity.

The software allows organizations to map out workflows and automate critical processes.

BPM software is not the same as project management software. Project management has a defined start and end date with specific objectives to accomplish within a certain time frame. Business process management focuses more on big-picture operations and processes.

Without BPM software, businesses were historically forced to rely on management consultants, business analysts, and solution architects. But hiring a consultant is expensive, and out of the price range for most organizations.

Today, business process management software makes it possible for all businesses, not just enterprises, to benefit from a workflow management solution.

What’s the best BPM software on the market today? Use this guide to find the best option for your business.

The Top 8 Best Business Process Management Software

After extensive research, I’ve narrowed down the top eight BPM solutions on the market. Continue below for our in-depth reviews, including the benefits, features, use cases, prices, and potential drawbacks of each one.

#1 – Kissflow — Best Overall Business Process Management Software

• Trusted by 10,000+ businesses
• Starts at $360
• Customized dashboards
• Built to scale
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Kissflow is our top overall recommendation for BPM software. It’s trusted by…

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