Agile project management has become increasingly popular over the last decade or so. While this project management methodology was initially created for software development teams, the principles can be applied to any large-scale project across any industry.

Traditional project management is rigid. It follows a linear path and offers little to no room for making changes.

Agile project management is much more flexible. The methodology makes it significantly easier to make changes to the product throughout the process.

With an agile operation, teams can manage projects by breaking the process up into multiple stages. There is constant collaboration and continuous improvement at each step as well. The final deliverable of an agile project might be different than the initial plan.

Any business or project team that handles fast-changing deliverables can benefit from an agile project management system. That’s why this methodology is so popular for technology and software projects.

Regardless of the type of projects you’re managing, you need to have an agile project management tool to implement this methodology properly. Use this guide to find the best project management software for your team.

The Top 7 Best Agile Project Management Tools

  • Jira Software – Best Overall Agile Project Management Tool
  • – Best Simple Agile Project Management Tool
  • Toggl – Best Project Management Tool for Creative Teams
  • Pivotal Tracker – Best Agile Project Management Tool for…

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