The Beginner’s Guide to Company Culture

When you hear “company culture,” it’s easy to picture office snacks and free kombucha on Fridays. Unsurprisingly, there’s much more to company culture than meets the eye. The issue? It’s notoriously difficult to create and maintain. This guide will walk you through the basics of company culture and specific strategies and tools you can use to establish a culture that drives growth.

What is Company Culture?

Shared goals, attitudes, actions, and values are what define a company’s culture. It helps to think of it as the soul and personality of a business. It doesn’t matter if you run a business of two or are the head of an organization 5,000 strong—company culture is a big differentiator for any business that plans to be around for a long time.

Depending on how it’s managed, company culture can play a decisive role in the ultimate success or failure of a business—which is why it’s so essential that companies spend time thinking deeply about getting it right.

In many cases, company culture is a driving factor behind employee retention.

The Basics of Company Culture

Before we get into ways to improve company culture, it’s important to understand some of the basic puzzle pieces that come together to create it.

A Clear Mission and Vision

Due to the impressive list of benefits that an organization’s culture can bring, focusing on creating and establishing a healthy company culture is an intelligent long-term business strategy. To do this, though,…

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