If you weren’t aware of it, Pinterest has a Verified Merchant Program in place for ecommerce businesses. This program provides several benefits for both the business and the consumer. Let’s review the program so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Advantages for Ecommerce Businesses

There are four key advantages of the Pinterest Verified Merchant Program.

Verified Badge

You get an exclusive badge on your profile that helps you stand out. It’s a signal to consumers that your company has been vetted and you’re a trustworthy company. Here is an example of a company with the badge:

For this screenshot, I hovered over the checkmark so you could see what consumers see. In contrast, here is a company that isn’t verified yet (I purposely chose one not located in the US to be fair since the VMP isn’t available in other countries yet).

Shop Tab

Besides the check mark, when you compare the two images, you can also see the difference with the “shop” tab. You must first add your catalog to Pinterest. All of your shopable products are then in one easy to find place.

More Visibility

As a verified merchant, your pins will also show in shopping experiences such as related pins. This increases your brand and product awareness by introducing new audiences and viewers to you. Take a look at the increase in impressions for product pins once they were approved for the program…it’s very remarkable! Just take note then…

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