The 9 Best Thank You Page Examples That Nurture Leads and Drive Revenue

Conversions are key to achieving continuous business growth. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, you need visitors to convert on your website to retain a steady flow of prospects and customers. 

Most businesses have mastered their landing pages – the pages that visitors are sent to, where they fill out a form to receive some sort of offer. However, they might miss the mark on their thank you pages.

Although the amount of content they contain is typically minimal, thank you pages play a pivotal role in the lead generation and nurturing process.

What Is a Thank You Page?

A thank you page is a page you redirect visitors to after completing some sort of goal on your website (e.g., downloading an ebook, making a product purchase, signing up for a newsletter, registering for a webinar, etc.), typically after filling out a form.

Its purpose is to, obviously, thank them for their action.

The Basic Structure of a Thank You Page

At its core, the purpose of a thank you page is to offer a lead other relevant content to continue their buyer’s journey.

There are tons of ways you can design a thank you page. While every thank you page will be unique to the visitor’s conversion path on your site, most thank you pages follow this basic structure:

  • The thank you message
  • Conversion details (purchase amount, what was downloaded, etc.)
  • What the visitor should expect next from you, such as a follow-up email where they can download their resource or print their tickets, a call in the next few…

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