Traditional punch cards and paper timesheets have become a thing of the past. Like the vast majority of other business and HR functions, logging employee hours have gone digital.

Time clock software makes it easier for employers to track and manage how long their staff works every day.

Your employees will enjoy the benefits of a digital time clock as well. In addition to the standard clock-in and clock-out functions, time clock software provides features like employee scheduling and PTO management.

Time clock software resolves issues related to time-tracking for remote employees, field service workers, and other industry-specific use cases.

Plus, your bookkeeper or HR staff won’t have to manually add up hours on time cards anymore—which can lead to human error and pay discrepancies. Overall, time clock software improves HR inefficiencies and simplifies time tracking.

The Top 8 Best Time Clock Software

This guide contains in-depth reviews on the eight best time clock software solutions on the market today. We’ll cover the features, benefits, pricing, use cases, and potential drawbacks of each software on the list.

#1 – OnTheClock — Best Overall Time Clock Software

• Free for 2 employees
• Starts at $2.50
• Payroll integrations
• GPS time clock
30 Day Free Trial

OnTheClock is our top recommendation in this category. It’s a web-based time clock software, so you and your staff can access it from anywhere.

More than 9,000 companies trust OnTheClock for tracking…

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