The 7 Pillars of a Strong Content Marketing Strategy by Ron Dawson

In this 7-part series, I’m going to break down what I believe are the seven pillars of a strong content marketing strategy. Content marketing is an inbound marketing strategy (i.e. driving prospectives to your site) whereby an organization uses various forms of content to build audiences, drive awareness, or drive sales. Blogs, podcasts, and video series are examples of commons content marketing initiatives. These will by no means be exhaustive. But in the 15+ years I’ve been doing work which could be classified as “content marketing”—from the sketch videos I used to make to promote my wedding video business back in 2006, to the blogs posts I’ve written for the likes of and this site, to the three different podcasts and many film series I’ve produced—I believe these pillars are key in having a successful campaign.

I dragged out of mothballs, one of the first “content marketing” campaigns—a comedy video series geared towards brides

The Longest Day – Season Recap from Ron Dawson | Blade Ronner Media on Vimeo.

In 2008 I produced the first online reality TV series for and about professional photographers. I gathered 24 of the top photographers in the country, secured sponsorship from companies like Microsoft and Nik Software. The 10-part series help WPPI, one of the largest photo conventions, get record numbers.

The film series produced during my time a was a video version of the blog’s popular “Made in Frame” series…

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