Applicant tracking software—better known as ATS software—is a tool dedicated to recruitment and hiring.

ATS software is used by hiring managers and HR departments for internal hiring needs. But it’s also trusted by staffing and recruitment agencies that work as a third-party between businesses and applicants.

Basic applicant tracking solutions have been around for decades. With that said, modern ATS software is the best way to manage recruiting and talent acquisition at scale.

Without an ATS system, businesses will struggle to recruit and hire top-level talent. Blindly posting jobs on your website and random boards is not efficient. In addition to reaching a wider pool of qualified applicants, ATS software makes it much easier to manage data from various sources, which typically poses logistical challenges at scale.

From small businesses to enterprise-level HR teams and recruitment agencies, this guide covers the best applicant tracking software on the market today.

The Top 7 Best Applicant Tracking Software

After extensive research and demoing, I’ve narrowed down the top seven applicant tracking software that I can confidently recommend. Continue below for more information about the features, benefits, pricing, and use cases of each one.

#1 – JazzHR — Best Overall Applicant Tracking Software

• Starts at $39
• Unlimited users
• Custom ATS solution
• 21 day free trial
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JazzHR is our top overall recommendation for ATS software. Regardless of your…

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