Ad fraud is an endless challenge for those in the digital advertising industry. However, for advertisers running PPC campaigns, it doesn’t matter whether they’re spending $100 or 100,000 dollars: ad fraud has devastating effects on their marketing budgets, ROAS, and campaign data. 

Here’s a shocking statistic: 20% of clicks on PPC ads are caused by click fraud. However, organizations that are seeking solutions that prevent click fraud from affecting their campaigns need to look past “click fraud” as an umbrella term. 

In fact, there are multiple types of ad fraud that target PPC in particular. In this post, we’ll talk about the types of ad fraud advertisers need to be aware of, how to detect them, and finally, how best to prevent them.


The 5 types of ad fraud affecting PPC campaigns 

In general, click fraud is carried out by two main actors: fraudulent publishers and competitors. 

Fraudsters use a variety of vehicles to perform click fraud. Below, we’ll go through the five main types. 

Bad bots 

Bots in general account for 40% of all internet traffic. However, bad bots are the ones that advertisers need to be on high alert for. They carry out click fraud by mimicking real human workflows across web applications, appearing as real users. 

Bad bots are an extremely malicious form of ad fraud and are known for performing repetitive tasks, such…

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