The 10 Best Manufacturing Website Designs in 2020 (+ Trends & Best Practices)

When you think of awesome website designs that are convenient, compelling, and usable, a manufacturing website probably isn’t the first thing that springs into your mind.

It wasn’t that long ago when having a beautiful manufacturing website was looked on as a “nice to have” at best – and a waste of time at worst. Many major manufacturers focused on their outbound marketing and annual industry events to do their customer prospecting.

Today, marketers are more savvy with finding ways to implement inbound marketing techniques to save time and money. This starts with a company’s website. 

Let’s review some best practices to help you build an excellent manufacturing or industrial website and check out real-world examples to get inspired.

How Manufacturing and Industrial Website Trends Have Changed

Manufacturing sites used to be a virtual portfolio for companies to show off their work and make their contact information available. 

The goal of the sites weren’t targeted and action driven. Most manufacturing companies just hoped that people would like what they did and send an email asking for spec sheets from there.

Brands just assumed that most potential customers understood their options well, knew exactly what they wanted, and would present themselves when the time was right.

Since the digital landscape has changed, there are so many more initiatives that manufacturing companies can execute in their digital marketing because of the rise of SEO, PPC, and…

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