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Managing patient medical records safely and efficiently continues to grow in importance, regardless of the size of the practice.

Having digital, searchable, and constantly accessible information about each patient in the practice helps medical professionals make the best healthcare decisions for their patients in the shortest amount of time possible.

Protecting this sensitive data is important too, and the best EMR systems will keep data safe, while making it easily accessible to the people who need it. Proper documentation leads to a more efficient billing system and reduced time spent on paperwork as well.

Here is our collection of the best EMR systems currently on the market, as we aim to help you find the right system for the needs of your particular practice.

The 10 Best Electronic Medical Record Systems

1. AdvancedMD

• For any size practice
• Detailed scheduling interface
• Prescription tracking
• Many customizable features
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Regardless of whether you need basic or advanced features in your EMR, AdvancedMD has you covered. It is versatile enough to fit the needs of many different practices. The primary dashboard available through AdvancedMD does require some work to learn to use well, but once you figure this system out, you’ll be able to do some impressive things to help your practice operate more efficiently.


  • Detailed…

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