Technical SEO Isn't Dead, It's More Like Walking Dead

And what I mean by that is Google has figured out how to automate a lot of the technical SEO things we used to take for granted as the domain of the technical SEO practitioner.

That metaphor makes sense right? Zombies are kind of like automated fixes to technical SEO problems?

Let’s just pretend it makes sense. I needed a catchy headline.

I bring this up today because two weeks ago one of our clients decided to redirect all of their blog post URLs from to They 301’d all the post URLs to their /blog/ versions and thought everything was fine.

Of course they didn’t tell the SEO peeps they were doing this and we quickly identified that they had neglected to redirect the typical WordPress blog folders like /category/, /tag/, and /author/, all of which were now 404ing.

Organic traffic behaved kind of like you would expect it to:

In SEO Speak what happened is whatever “authority” (can we come up with a better word?) these URLs have got toasted as soon as Google hit the 404s, which led to a decline in rankings for the URLs that used to be linked to from those URLs. Or something like that.

But the team had other priorities and left the folders 404ing. In fact, they are still 404ing as of this morning.

Remember that scene towards the end of the Matrix where Neo gets pummeled by Agent Smith, then somehow realizes he is one with the Matrix and can pick bullets out of the air as if…

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