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A lot of managers are struggling with remote onboarding and team cohesion during the COVID-19 shutdowns. 

The 3Q creative team has been distributed across five cities long before, so we had a leg up on the situation. We had already established many tools and traditions to keep our team culture tight-knit, connected, and thriving. 

These strategies and processes have helped us grow even stronger over the past four months of being fully remote, so I want to share them here to inspire others. Some of these are more foundational tips that apply for team building in general, but they all play a big role in building a culture of trust and connection for a remote team setting. 

Thorough, intentional hiring processes

Our interview process is extremely thorough. Video calls with camera on are basically required, in these times where you can’t meet anyone in person. 

Most of our candidates talk to anywhere between six to 10 people before we make a decision. We have role-specific interview questionnaires to ensure we cover all necessary areas of expertise, and there’s a strategic order to the questions asked in the interviews so we don’t “teach” the “right” answers. We also want this process to be a true two-way street. We are not just interviewing the candidates; we make it clear to them that this is also their time to interview us

We also strive to keep it diverse. Oh, and then there’s the…

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