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SyncBack is a file synchronization tool that provides a set of features for both the home and business user. In addition to file synchronization, SyncBack includes a powerful file comparer, encryption engine, back-up support, full synchronization support, email backup, event driven scheduled backups, and much more. The product can be used for file backup and synchronizations, encrypt/decrypt, run a backup in unattended mode, and much more. There is no other Free SyncBack Clone as powerful as SyncBack. SyncBack is an easy to use, handy piece of software that can be used by both the home and business user.
SyncBack supports the following file types:
– PDF Files
– Images
– Music
– Videos
– Office Documents
– Text Files
– Others
– Virus and Spyware Filters
– Fix delete/replace with moving/copying mode
– Fix delete/replace with a file present in destination
– Fix the delete/replace with a folder present in source
– Fix the “overwrite file” action
– Fix the “old file is corrupted, can not update”
– Fix the “cannot open the data” error when backup to remote server
– Fix the “some file was not backed up” error
– Update the symbol library to Xcopy3
– Add the Win/Mac combination
– Update to xcopy3
– Update to xcopy3
– Add the Win/Mac combination
– Add the condition that if no file name string is specified in the source then the file name will automatically be the file’s file path
– Update the interface
– Update to xcopy3
– Add the Win/Mac combination
– Initial Release

File backup software can be of immense help when you want to ensure that your important files remain protected, even in the event of a disaster. To ensure that you can manage your backups, this utility can be configured to perform scheduled backups.
The application is easy to use and can be launched from any desktop. The interface is simple and intuitive, with only a couple of selections on the main screen. The configuration settings can be saved for later use, and these will be recalled when you

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Back up files to any location, create complete file backups (including path information) and perform file synchronizations between several folders and/or drives.
Support for multiple profiles (Lite).
Support for external USB drives.
Support for FTP servers and multiple source drives.
Supports native encrypted file backups.
Supports zip compression, 10GB of additional backup space (Lite), and more.
Holds up to 60 profiles with support for incremental backups and compressed file backups.
Flexible scheduling options.
Resume any unfinished backup/synchronization task without having to wait until the task is finished.
Integrated optional network backup with support for network drives and FTP servers.
Selective file overwriting, skipping, deleting, and moving.
Comprehensive configuration for file synchronizations, file compression, encryption, and much more.
Supports CSV and backup files.
An ordinary Windows application that can also be used as a client/server application.
New wizards, option modules, and an executable database file.
Runs on all Windows versions from Windows 98 to Windows 10.
Free Trial
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What’s New In?

Create file backups is mandatory if you want to prevent data loss due to hard disk failures, file corruption, or virus infections. Designed for the home user, SyncBackLite is a backup and synchronization utility that can be used to create copies of important files, also providing encryption and compression capabilities.
Create a profile and configure data backup in detail
To use SyncBackLite, you first have to create a profile. The integrated wizard can help you in this endeavor, guiding your every step until everything is ready. SyncBackLite can perform data backups, folder synchronizations or one-to-one copies (mirror profiles). It supports local or external drives, network folders, or FTP servers, both as a source and as a destination of the backup.
You get to configure data filters to exclude certain files and folders and set up the scheduler to perform the task periodically and without intervention. While this is enough to create a new profile quickly, if you like being in control of every option, then you will be happy to know that the expert profile setup enables you to configure the newly created profile down to the last detail. For instance, the application enables you to manage file overwriting situations and decide upon the comparison algorithms, compression, encryption, and many more options.
Simulate backup or sync tasks to check your settings
One interesting feature of SyncBackLite is that it can simulate running the task without actually copying files. This option allows you to check whether the results are as expected and, if not, re-configure the settings.
You can create an execution queue for your profiles and run then in unattended mode. Running a profile opens a new window where all the differences between the source and the destination are displayed. Each situation can be handled differently: you can either copy the files to the destination, or choose to skip, delete, or move them. With a single click, you can instruct SyncBackLite to mirror all the files and sync your two folders.
The app is now available in the Windows Store

Apps Screenshot and Review

A great alternative to your existing backup tool if you want features like syncing, encryption, and filer systems that sync your files back to back up devices. In this guide, we discuss how to install SyncBackLite Pro 9.0.323, where you will be able to move files between cloud servers, securely backup your important data in the cloud, encrypt data, and more.
SyncBackLite Pro is

System Requirements:

OS: XP/Vista/7/8
Processor: 1.4GHz Dual Core ( or equivalent )
Memory: 512MB RAM
Hard Drive: 32MB free space
Graphics: 2 GB RAM
DirectX: 9.0
Additional Notes:
Norton Safe Web Browser and Anti-virus is recommended.
For Internet Explorer users:
For Windows 10:
If using Windows 10 with the latest Windows 10 update, users may not be able to select the XP theme.