As the shift towards automation accelerates, agencies are constantly evolving their strategies to be useful to their clients. But what processes will they need to deploy to remain competitive? And what can they really expect from automation tools in the market today?

In this episode on PPC Town Hall, our panelists will share their tips and tactics on how to grow as a successful PPC agency while providing value to its customers in a highly automated world.

• Wil Reynolds, Seer Interactive
• Anu Adegbola, Brainlabs
• Max Traylor, The Max Traylor
• Tim Halloran, Aimclear (special guest)

• What agency work to automate and what to do manually
• What are the biggest profit centers of modern agencies
• How to have great agency culture to find and retain talent
• What skills a successful agency needs to have
• How to explain the agency value to clients
• How pricing models have changed

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